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Don’t ever turn a simple, gorgeous kiss into a complex elephant sitting in the corner of a room.

Despite the fact that he was Mormon and I was not, we held many similar views on matters like alcohol, drugs, shared similar stances on political issues, and even agreed on equality for gay couples nationwide.Though I was a tattooed coffee drinker with a dirty mouth, and he said things like “holy cow” and drank Mountain Dew, we didn’t have too many differences between us besides a religious title.Though I knew that these people had no right to make judgments about my relationship and how we as a couple made things work, sometimes it was hard to simply brush off these comments.However, after repetitively facing the questions, the judgments, the shock, and the confused looks, I quickly transitioned from understanding to enraged.Since when did I live in a world where a boyfriend and girlfriend could not come from different backgrounds?

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These are deeply held values that guide our very lives, just as the stars did for the ancient sailors.

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  1. This is a real shame because…”Junior” in light of the changing times, hormones, and weather just went across the fence and surprised your very accurate neighbor…