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Viacom exec Sumner Redstone splits with younger girlfriend And, boy, is that love tough. “The first thing I would say to any girl her age is freeze your eggs, take some of the pressure off.” Think in dollars and sense: It’s also time to put to her money where her mouth is — if she wants to get kissed.Stanger recommends setting up a bank account just for dating.

“That’s all they care about, so now you’re done.” Litt is hopeful — and promises to give status updates to The News in the coming months. “Million Dollar Matchmaker” debuts on WE on Friday at 10 p.m.If you watch Bravo on a regular basis chances are you’ll recognize the founder of this site Patti Stanger – she’s the star of the long running show Millionaire Match Maker.This isn’t just a basic matchmaking site where you can view some profiles and message people that you think are interesting – when you join this site you get exclusive access to tons of services designed to make sure you find the right match.“This is going to be your investment in your future,” says the reality star.“This money, 10 percent of what you make, goes into that bank account. The city is expensive.” 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger not engaged yet The idea is to start off by figuring out where your ideal type of guy is hanging out — like steakhouses or sporting events — and putting face time in those places.

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No bikini shots unless you have a good body (Litt passes her litmus test); no pics with alcohol; no photos with other people’s kids.

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