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And the questions asked and answered tend to reflect the interests of the sites’ users, which in both Quora and Stack Overflow’s cases skew heavily male, American, and techie. While they may respond quickly to new events, answers that become outdated aren’t deleted or changed but stay there, burdening the site with a growing mass of stale information. If the invitation is accepted, the author sends an outline to the relevant subject editors.

But while there are sometimes ways to check people’s accreditation, it’s largely self-reported and unverified. Any given answer is only as complete as its writer decides or is able to make it. He imagined a different model for the SEP: the “dynamic reference work.” To achieve authority, several dozen subject editors—responsible for broad areas like “ancient philosophy” or “formal epistemology”—identify topics in need of coverage, and invite qualified philosophers to write entries on them.Where the world can go to learn everything that we know to be true.Something that would make humans a lot smarter than the internet we have today. Edward Zalta, a philosopher at Stanford’s Center for the Study of Language and Information, launched it way back in September 1995, with just two entries.One math professor reviewed basic mathematics entries and found them to be a “a hot mess of error, arrogance, obscurity, and nonsense.” Nor is it comprehensive: Though it has nearly 5 million articles in the English-language version alone, seemingly in every sphere of knowledge, fewer than 10,000 are “A-class” or better, the status awarded to articles considered “essentially complete.” Speaking of holes, the SEP has a rather detailed entry on the topic of holes, and it rather nicely illustrates one of Wikipedia’s key shortcomings.Holes present a tricky philosophical problem, the SEP entry explains: A hole is nothing, but we refer to it as if it were something.

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