Great dating ideas married couples

Because fancy dinners and costly ticket prices all add up, here's the ultimate guide to dating on a real-person budget ($), from stay-at-home options for the true homebodies to outdoorsy adventures that only require a little bit of spare cash and the right attitude.

Yes, as cheesy as it may sound, riding a tandem bike (AKA the bicycle built for two) can be quite the adventure for a super-coordinated couple who want to experiment with something more unconventional than your typical scenic trail ride.

Wagers add a little competition to this fun and free game!

– Why spend tons of cash on an expensive movie theatre ticket when you can watch a movie right from your own device?

Watch a scary movie in the woods or a romantic comedy at the park. Bonding with your spouse just went to another level! Visit the ill, organize a fundraiser for a non-profit, or work at a shelter. Look at the homes and properties for sale in your area. Political rallies get couples united behind a candidate who they think could improve their lives. If you are on the same page (read: political aisle), then campaign together. Wear sexy lingerie, send each other naughty text messages beforehand, light candles, throw rose petals on and around the bed, use edible body paints -- whatever you think will take the romance up a notch.39. If you’re into role playing, you could even take on different personas for the evening and act like you’ve just met. Local galleries tend to have public events when they acquire new works and free nights on week days.You'll get to mingle with interesting, like-minded people, while also scoring some free wine.

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The best romance is often free or nearly free because it is usually accompanied by a lot of creativity!

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