Dating a hunter

I was expecting a visually pleasing film with perhaps a mediocre plot; this expectation reinforced by the fact that I've never been overly impressed by Willem Dafoe (though I always saw more potential than his projects tend to drawl out).Well, sometimes your expectations are completely shattered. The epic scenes of the Tasmanian wilderness, the almost visceral portrayal of encroaching winter, and the sounds that accompany all of this (elevated even higher by the beautiful, soaring musical score by Matteo Zingales), more than met the high expectations I came to this film with.It deserves drawing out all the ways in which it succeeds, for they are many. Let the subtle complexity reveal itself like fine red wine. New Zealand could have a new power couple on its hands after Kiwi superstar Rachel Hunter was spotted hanging out with a handsome Kiwi actor until the wee hours of the morning.He poses as a researcher from a university and lodges in the house of Lucy Armstrong.Martin learns that Lucy's husband has been missing for a long time and he befriends her children, Sass and Bike.When he turns on the road towards the house, the GPS is now located on the left side of the dashboard location were it was before.See more » After seeing this film listed on a couple "Top Films of the Year," highlighted especially for the magnificent cinematography, and feeling in the mood for a brumal, wintry film, I decided to check it out.

They are all in their own minds justified in what they do and stand for, and all are, to some varying degree, "caught in the middle" of complex world affairs.

According to Woman's Day's sources, the pair had dinner at Apero on Karangahape Road before heading to new bar The Love Bucket, where they stayed "deep in conversation all night".

"They were perched on bar stools but must have been very comfortable because even after all the other customers had left and the barman locked the doors, they stayed behind," the source says.

But, it is simple only insofar as there is a subtle but deep complexity woven throughout, and to a degree that is hard for any film to achieve.

The themes that find a perfectly balanced pitch within this movie are as broad as modern life itself.

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