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His huge cock pounded the white girl like she was a rag doll.

My wife was engrossed in the scene and watching in bed, her arousal was obvious.

I think she wanted to say what I was going to say and she was clearly hoping I was going to offer him this. A few deep strokes and then we heard the water turn off. Looking into my wife's scared, but aroused face, I simply said, "Yes.

I'm sure." And with that, I verbally gave my wife to him.

I could see the exit with the hotel lights in sigh. I strained to see what the problem was but couldn't get a good look. Don't think anyone is going anywhere until morning. All I needed was a 30 more feet and I would be off the exit. Well it was really pouring so but the time we got inside, we were soaked and chilled to the bone. We had to warm up and the clothes had to dry, We came up with the only solution possible.

We waited about 15 minutes, with the engine running and I noticed that we were running low on gas as well. Shortly after a state trooper car rolled slowly down the shoulder and with his window down signaled for us to open ours. When the trooper pulled away, I decided to go for the shoulder and head to the exit. I walked up to the front desk and asked for a room, "Sorry fella, but this here man got the last one", said the night clerk. Denise and I would go into the bathroom, disrobe and then wrap ourselves in towels and get into bed.

"You'd be left out here with nowhere to go either." "It's OK. Once again I pulled her to me and began to kiss her while humping my hard cock against her sex this time putting the head of my cock just inside her. "It could and probably is, He's a big guy." Another moment of silence then, "I think he wants to fuck you." Before we could continue, he came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. Well muscled with no fat on him, he had a great body.

Once watching porn together an interracial scene with a dark haired beauty like my wife came on.She mentioned how big he was and I told her that it really was true about black men having such big cocks. Secretly I wanted to encourage her burgeoning fantasy so validating her comment was the best way.Over the years her comments increased about black men and it became a thing we shared often during our sex play.As we all three lay in bed on our backs a receptive aroused remain laying between two men with hard as nails erections Again, I spoke up. "Oh my god," she breathed, his cock is touching my ass." "Wiggle you ass against him. I wrapped my hands around his very fat meat and pulled on him eliciting a soft groan from him. She hesitated then whispered to me, "I could get pregnant." This was another part of our fantasy. We were both fascinated with the possibility of becoming pregnant by a black man. The damage is already done so more of his cum can't hurt." she stated simply."Denise, why don't we lay on our sides, that will give Richard more space. Do it." I felt her gently push her ass back against him, inviting him to proceed. it would be proof positive to the world that she had been had by a black man and I was cuckolded by him. "Good because I'm pretty certain he is going to want me again and I want it again." "Are you going to let him cum in you again? My cock pulsed at her acknowledgement that she was already inseminated and possibly pregnant.

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