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Contact information for all Reno Mark renovators is accessible in a searchable online database at

Before-and-after photos of the entries can be viewed at BILD’s Destination Renovation exhibit, located at booth 2338 at the National Home Show.

"Past clients have praised the company's professionalism, transparency and quality of work.

It's rivalled only by their commitment to driving the industry forward, as evidenced by the countless hours the company's partners spend volunteering for their Association." The company is an active member of BILD and a regular contributor to the Association's advocacy and philanthropy efforts.

Two renovators shared the award for Best Renovation 0,000 or more. won for maintaining the façade of a 1940’s Tudor while completely gutting and transforming the interior to a modern space. reinvented a 1905 beach home as a light-filled, energy efficient modern home.

Keystone Ridge Developments won the award for Best Condominium Renovation for renovating a 1,800-square-foot dated Toronto condo and giving it an elegant modern look.

The program helps homeowners identify and find professional renovators who have agreed to abide by a renovation-specific Code of Conduct.

Nominees are evaluated by a team of industry professionals and the Renovator of the Year award is also decided based on survey results from clients.

The Renovator of the Year award, which recognizes the renovator who sets the standard for the rest of the sector in their leadership and commitment to customer service and their contribution to the overall image of the renovation industry, was presented to Men at Work Design Build Ltd. also earned two other prestigious awards; The Best Renovation 0,000 to 0,000 for expanding a small cramped semi into an extended spacious family home, and the Best Home Renovation ,000 to 0,000 for converting a dark and dated kitchen to a bright and open eating and entertaining area.

The award recognizes a renovator who sets the standard for the rest of the sector in their leadership and commitment to customer service, as well as contributing to the overall image of the renovation industry.

In addition to Renovator of the Year, the Renovation and Custom Home Awards recognizes a number of individual renovations separated by price range, as well as the top condominium and green renovations.

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